U18 Rec Evaluations


Hello U18 Families,

 Thank you all for your patience as we worked our way through the team balancing process. Due to an increase in numbers via new/late registrations we have increased from three, to four U18 rec teams . 

  Here are your final U18 Recreational rosters for the season. Your Coach will be in contact shortly to explain what comes next. Thanks again to all who helped make this happen, now let the fun begin! 


   ATTENTION :  The game that was scheduled for THURSDAY OCT 19th is CANCELLED as the teams are final and this game is not needed.

   Please Note : there was a minor change to the team rosters today. These are now the Final Rosters. Let the FUN begin. 




K.Crossley D
K.Croxen D
C.McGrath D
B.Henderson D
T.Kemp D
D.Britten F
C.Bishop F
L.Butler F
J.Murray F
C.Roache F
L.Codner F
K.Bedow F
E.Parsons F
W.Beck G





Sharks (Loureiro)
A.N. Boutilier D
J.Loureiro D
J.Dolphin D
T.Harvie D
W.White D
O.Josey F
O.Cole F
C.Boutilier F
R.MacLennan F
J.Rafuse F
C.Nauffts F
N.Pardy F
L.Pelley F
N.Oulette G


Leafs (Burns)  
A.W.P. Boutilier D
H.Keats D
R.Arnold D
L.Casey D
K.Gagnon F
M.Marcatilli F
K.Webb F
J.Burns F
K.Findlay-Howe F
B.Wilson F
G.Clarke F
A.Leclaire F
D.Webb F
C.White G


Canadiens (MacDonald)  
B.Flemming D
R.Osmond D
V.Dicaire D
G.Simpson D
R.Adams F
S.Croft F
I.Robinson F
D.MacDonald F
G.MacDonald F
D.Paul F
N.House F
R.Lanthier F
E.Deveau F
R.Delany G
H.Lever G