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Coaching & Volunteer Certifications Deadline is TODAY & RIS: Activity Leader Code

  1. Coaching & Volunteer Certifications Deadline
  2. Respect in Sport: Activity Leader Codes

Coaching & Volunteer Certifications Deadline

The Coaching & Volunteer Certifications deadline is today - December 1st, 2022.

As per Craig Foley (RiskManagement@FlyersHockey.ca):

  • Coaches and Volunteers with completed Certifications reflected in HCR can continue to participate.
  • Coaches and Volunteers without completed Certifications reflected in HCR, can no longer participate until their certifications are complete.
  • Hockey Nova Scotia will be reviewing each team's roster in the coming day or two, and marking any Coach and Volunteer profile as "ineligible" if that profile is missing Certifications or documentation.

(Note to Managers: Let's do a drop-in virtual Google Meet tonight for roster check ups for those that want help. Link will be sent around by email & posted in the Managers Facebook group. It has been a challenge to keep up with the email requests and I know I've missed people. If you can't pop in virtually tonight, reply to a prior email you sent so it'll bump up to the top of my inbox. We'll be through this roster phase very soon! - Helen)


Respect in Sport - Activity Leader Codes

We recently posted about a last-minute surge in signups for the "Respect in Sport - Activity Leader" course. The existing code has been loaded up with new licenses so people waiting for this course can now proceed as normal.

Thank you

Dec 1, 2022

Coaching & Volunteer Certifications: "Respect in Sport - Activity Leader" Prepaid Code

Good morning,

The Coaching & Volunteer Certifications deadline is Dec 1, so we are down to the wire.

With a last-minute surge in signups for the "Respect in Sport - Activity Leader" course, our prepaid licenses have all been used. We are in the process of securing more yesterday and today, so if you need that specific course as a new Coach or new Volunteer, please check back later this evening for an updated code. We will post on Social Media when the new code is available as well.

We did make an effort to try and lay out the Certification Requirements clearly on our website this season. Please review the entire Coaching & Volunteer Certifications page, as we only have 2 days left. 


Thank you

Nov 29, 2022

Flyers Memorial Hockey Tournament - Registration Open!

Sackville Minor Hockey is proud to announce the first annual "Flyers Memorial Hockey Tournament"

Nov 24, 2022

15 Days until Coach & Volunteer Certification Deadline

A message from Craig Foley, Sackville Minor Hockey Risk Management


There are exactly 15 days left until the December 1st Coach & Volunteer Certifications deadline.

Head Coaches & Managers are responsible to ensure that any person who steps on the ice for games or practices is listed on their team's Official Hockey Canada Roster.
Any adult who steps on the ice must be listed and approved as either a Head Coach or an Assistant Coach with any team they are helping. No exceptions.
This important rule is in place to protect Head Coaches and/or Managers from any personal liability associated with having an uncertified/unapproved person on the ice.

Attention - U11, U13, U15, and U18 Competitive Team Coaches

The NCCP Development 1 coaching course is required for all Competitive U11, U13, U15, and U18 teams. It is only offered in person and spans one evening and one full day. If this is your first time coaching U11 + Competitive, you must be at least registered in a Developement 1 Clinic before the Dec 1st deadline.
As of today, there are still a few spots in a Dartmouth session on Nov 25th/26th, with other sessions offered throughout December. Spaces are limited and will fill up quickly as the Dec 1 deadline approaches. Please sign up ASAP if you require this course.

What about On Ice Helpers?

You cannot call an adult an On-Ice Helper on your Official Hockey Canada Team Roster. The designation of On-Ice Helper exists for registered players in Hockey Nova Scotia who help with younger teams under the guidance of a trained coach. 

For More Information

For all things related to Coaching & Volunteer Certifications, please check out this page of our website.
Before emailing either Craig Foley (RiskManagement@FlyersHockey.ca) or Helen Scammell (Registration@FlyersHockey.ca) asking for us to check your certifications, see if you can log into HCR, link your HCR# to your HCR Profile, and cross reference your certifications against this list.
Nov 16, 2022

Coaches Meeting- Thursday Night

Coaches Meeting- Thursday, November 10th   7:30 PM

Aaron Hiscock, VP Competitive, will be hosting a coaches meeting this coming Thursday night from 7:30-9:00 pm in the Mezz at the Arena.

We would really like to have as many coaches there as possible (all welcome) but we strongly encourage all head coaches to attend.  Please ensure there is at least one representative there from each team.

We are aiming to cover the following topics:

Coach Requirements/Deadlines
Rink Behavior/Expectations
Two Deep Rule
Affiliate Players
Green Armband Initiative / New Rules or Rule Changes
Div Coordinator Roles
Development Program
Coach Mentorship and Support
Team Genius Reporting / Mid Season and or End of Season Evaluation (Team Level)

Aaron would like for coaches to put some thought in ahead of time to any questions around rules and penalties you may have.  Hopefully we can help to resolve some issues and concerns by helping to clarify some of the rules and regulations.

Nov 7, 2022

Attn: U11, U13, and U15 Recreation Families - Optional Development Opportunity

**UPDATED December 8th** Changes Effective Immediately

** All Recreation Development Sessions (U11/U13/U15) will now be held Fridays from 7:00- 8:00 at East Coast Varsity







Sackville Minor Hockey is pleased to offer U11, U13, and U15 Recreation players an extra opportunity of working with the SMHA Development Team.  This program is developed and run by our SMHA Development Team, overseen by VP Development John Hubley.

Space is limited to the first 30 Recreation players in each division.
This is completely optional, and will be one hour each week of on-ice programming. 
Schedule - Starting Monday, November 7th:
  • U11 Recreation: Monday, 6pm - 7pm - Sackville Arena
  • U13 Recreation: Friday, 6pm - 7pm - East Coast Varsity 
  • U15 Recreation: Friday, 7pm - 8pm - East Coast Varsity
The cost to our SMHA families for this program is $300 for 15 weeks of programming. 
The $300 will be added to the player's Team Fee added to their Team Budget. 
Any combination of fundraised money (including 50/50) and EMT can be used for the $300 cost. 

Please fill in this form once for EACH child in our U11, U13, and U15 Recreation program. 
(One form response for each player helps with sorting the spreadsheet to keep registration organized. Thanks!)

Rod Sturge, SMHA Vice President (VicePresident@FlyersHockey.ca)
John Hubley, SMHA VP Development (VPDevelopment@FlyersHockey.ca)




Nov 2, 2022