2022-2023 Pre-Season Camp & Clinic Registration

2022-2023 Regular Season Registration

  • Registration Opens: 10:00am, Monday, July 11th, 2022
  • Deadline: 11:59pm, Friday, September 9th, 2022

Registration Policies


  • Registration for the Regular Season must be completed by the September 9th deadline so that ice times can be planned appropriately.
  • If a player is not registered by the September 9th deadline, there is no guarantee they can participate in the Competitive Tryout process.
  • Payment is due in full upon registration.
    • No Pay - No Play
    • If registration has not been paid in full before the first ice time, the player will not be permitted on the ice for insurance purposes.
  • Any player with outstanding Registration Fees or Missing 50/50 Ticket Fees from any prior season is considered a “Member Not in Good Standing”.
    • The HCR 3.1 System automatically blocks Registration for a "Member Not in Good Standing". The block is removed when payment is received in full.
  • Details about how much ice time per team is covered by SMHA Registration Fees will be announced once the Regular Season fees are set.
    • For Learn2Play and U7, there are no additional fees.
    • For U9 and older, SMHA Families are also be responsible for "Team Fees" in addition to the Registration that is paid upfront.
      • Team Fees are set by a team's Coaches, Manager and Treasurer.
      • Team Fees vary greatly based on things like "extra" ice time beyond the ice time included in Registration, Tournaments, whether or not the team has non-parent coaches, etc. 
      • Team Fees are collected by the Team Treasurer during the season. More info will come from your Team Treasurer once teams are set.
      • Team Fees can be covered in a variety of ways including Sponsorship (i.e. Sponsor Name Bars on jerseys), Carried Forward 50/50 Credits, Fundraising (50/50 or other Team Fundraisers), or in cash payments by families.    

Registration Fees  

  • Pre Season Camp: $150 (6 x 1hr Sessions)
  • SMHA Checking Clinic: $50 (1 x 3hr Session)
  • Defence Clinic: $50 (2 x 1hr Sessions)
  • Try Goaltending Clinic: FREE (1hr Sessions: Participants pick one session)
  • Regular Season: TBA
    • The Regular Season Registration Fees will be announced soon (early July 2022) once the overall SMHA Budget for 2022-2023 is finalized.
    • There are many moving parts with regards to ice contracts, and once those contracts are finalized the SMHA fees will be available.


Payment can be made by Interact E-Transfer, by player 50/50 Credits, or by Credit Card.


  • EMT's are sent to Auto-Deposit is enabled. Please include a decsription and your player's full name in the comment. (i.e. "Registration - John MacDonald")

50/50 Credits

  • Carried-Forward 50/50 Credits from 2021-2022 were linked to players in HCR in the Spring.
  • The credits should show up when registering your player.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • How can I check how much credit we have?
      Log into HCR 3.0 ( ->Log In (top right corner).
      Click the grey silhouette (top right corner). My Account -> Purchases on the left side. 
      In the right column labelled Due, you will see a negative amount in green font. It will be the top line, posted to your account this Spring.
      That is your family's Carried Forward 50/50 Credit.
      The Parent view unfortunately doesn't indicate which player has the credit if you have more than one player in your family.

    • What if I have questions when I'm in the middle of online Registration, and it isn't showing up how I thought it would?
      Your best bet is to send an email to Tara ( or Helen ( for us to look into it.

    • What if I don't have enough to cover the 2nd (3rd, etc) child's registration in full?
      That is completely fine. Once we reach back out to you to let you know the credit was moved as requested below, you will be able to finish the Registration process and use another method of payment (EMT or Credit Card) for the balance.

    • Questions about 50/50 Credits can be sent to

  • Families with Multiple Players:
      • There is a known issue in the Hockey Canada Registration portal related to the sharing of 50/50 Credits among siblings.
      • Before registration, feel free to fill in THIS GOOGLE FORM with instructions about a percentage of your total credits or a dollar amount to be moved between siblings. 
        • Tara McFeters or Helen Scammell will confirm by email that the credits have been manually moved to the appropriate sibling.
      • If, during registration, if you realize you need to transfer credits to a sibling PLEASE STOP and do not finish registration at that time.
        • Fill in THIS GOOGLE FORM and wait for Tara McFeters or Helen Scammell to confirm with you by email that the credits have been manually moved to the appropriate sibling.
        • When you receive confirmation that the 50/50 Credits are moved, please go back into HCR and proceed with registration. The credits can then be applied to each player properly.
      • This known issue will hopefully be resolved for the 2023-2024 season.

Credit Card

  • The Hockey Canada Registration (HCR 3.1) system handles credit card payments. Any issues, please contact Tara McFeters at


  • Refund requests must be submitted in writing via Email to Clearly state the reason for the request.
  • Any Approved Refund will be prorated based on the number of weeks remaining in the season, from the date the written request was received (unless otherwise stipulated below). 
  • Limitations:
    • No Refunds for Competitive Tryouts
    • No Refunds for Pre-Season Camps
    • No Refunds for Checking Clinics
    • No Refunds of NSF Fees
    • No Refunds for retroactive requests, or missed sessions
    • Approved Refunds after October 15th will be subject to the $65 Hockey Canada Insurance Fee that SMHA will have already paid on the player's behalf. 
  • Exceptions:
    • Medical Withdrawal
      • If an illness or injury - supported by a note from a physician - prevents a player from participating for the remainder of the season, a prorated fee will be refunded upon request.
      • The refund will be prorated according to the duration of the season from the date the written request was received, or the date of the illness/injury as per the note from a physician.
    • U7 Players are eligible for a prorated refund at any time during their first year of registration
    • U15 and U18 Players attending tryouts for other teams are eligible for a full refund upon confirmation that the player will not be playing for SMHA
  • Voluntary Withdrawal Deadline: December 31, 2022
    • Voluntary Refunds (i.e. to play another sport, player changes their mind, etc) will be considered for a prorated refund up until December 31, 2022. There will be no refunds after that date.
  • Refunds will not be issued until any prorated Team Budget expenses are confirmed to have been paid by the player's Team Treasurer, if applicable.
  • Any special requests or further exceptions to the above Refund Policy must be approved by the SMHA Board of Directors. Reach out to the VP of your player's division or to



Players from other areas new to Sackville Minor Hockey Association (see SMHA Boundaries) must have their HCR profiles transferred from their previous Association to SMHA before registering online.
Please email Helen at with the player's full name, date of birth, your Proof of Address (Government Issued ID or a letter from the player's SMHA-area school) and a completed Parent Declaration Form

Registration Eligibility

All registrations are reviewed and approved by the SMHA Registrar. If a registered player is determined to reside outside the SMHA Boundary, the parent will be notified and registration cancelled/refunded. 

Family Discounts

SMHA offers a family discount program where the 3rd, 4th, and 5th players in the same household receive $200 off their registration fees. This should be applied automatically during the checkout process when the players are registered in the same transaction.


Registration: Helen Scammell (
VP Finance: Tara McFeters (