Flyers 50/50


50/50 Poster for Sales Location

Lottery Rules:

  1. Provincial Lottery, tickets can only be sold in NS.  People visiting from outside of NS can purchase tickets, we cannot take tickets out of province to sell.
  2. Only Sackville based teams under the HNS umbrella can participate in the selling of SMH 50/50 Tickets.
  3. If you are leaving Sackville Minor Hockey/ Hockey Nova Scotia you can bank your funds for one year or transfer to a sibling. 
  4. As of December 2019 transfers to other association members (excluding siblings) are no longer possible.
  5. A draw will take place at the end of each month at a public place with two witnesses present.
  6. SMH association will collect and track all monies in a separate account called SMH Lottery.   A final report and 2.13% of winning will be paid to lottery commission.
  7. Association teams will not be permitted to obtain a 50/50 permit on their own with the exception of booster/auctions fundraisers.
  8. Participants CAN NOT sell their 50/50 credits to anyone.   Anyone found to be participating in this activity will be banned from selling tickets.

How does our team get Association 50/50 tickets?

  • 50/50 tickets will be issued to each team, these tickets will be used for the entire season. 
  • Please CLICK HERE to request Team Tickets
  • Additional tickets can be picked up monthly on the evening of the draw. 
  • Please ensure you have enough tickets to get you through each month. 

When do the draws take place?

What happens when a player has reached their fundraising amount for their team?

  • If an individual completes their team fundraising amount, they can continue to sell tickets towards their registration for next season.

How registration credits are applied the following year: 

  • For anyone who has a credit towards the following year’s registration from 50/50, they will see this as a credit upon checkout. If you don’t see this please contact the registrar before checking out. 

What is Sackville Minor’s Role?

  • To make this association wide 50/50 available
  • To organize at the association level
  • To draw and pay the lucky winner!

 What is the Team's Role?

  • Each team must appoint a 50-50 Coordinator. 
  • Promote and Sell 50/50 Tickets
  • Provide less of a fundraising burden on the community by selling association wide 50/50 tickets over individual raffles of lesser value (ex: Gift Cards Trees, Grand in the Hand, etc…)

What is the Player’s/Family’s Role?

  • To sell tickets!
  • Total your sales and hand in to the 50-50 Coordinator each month before the draw.
  • When handing in monthly sales, be considerate of your coordinator and only hand in Large Bills, no coin.
  • No individual ticket sales can be handed in to the Association Coordinator.  If you miss your coordinator’s deadline and attempt to hand in tickets to the Association Coordinator, these ticket credits will go into an account for Families in Need.

What is the Team 50-50 Coordinator Role?

  • Using the SHMA provided Team Tracking Google Sheet
    • Individual coordinators will keep track of their team's tickets sales as part of their fundraising. 
    • To track individual player sales using the Team Tracker
    • Hand out and track ticket count per player and team (second tab of Team Tracker)
    • Collect and balance unsold tickets at the end of the season

Monthly Drop-off Checklist: 

  1. Number of sold tickets to be written on the cheque
  2. Cheque is written to “Sackville Minor Hockey Lottery” 

Each month Teams will submit a single cheque covering:

  1. Half of their ticket sales
  2. Lottery fee: $0.10 per ticket sold.
  3. Team Tracker Google Sheet will automatically calculate monthly and yearly totals (Highlighted in Green) by filling in the Yellow Columns.

Year End Process:
For the final draw, in addition to the regular requirements, we will require:

  1. All unsold tickets bundled and labeled with the following information:
    1. Number of tickets
    2. Team Name
    3. Number of unaccounted tickets
  2. Your Team Account will be debited for the amount shown in the Orange Cell of the Team Tracker.



Leah Blackwood
Sackville Minor Hockey 50/50 Coordinator