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Important Parent and Member Message from the President

Good afternoon,

I want to remind our membership, parents and team staff of expected behaviors while attending any SMHA sanctioned games, practices, and team functions. 

Unfortunately I along with the executive are dealing with numerous issues and complaints that are being directed to myself with regards to parent and team staff conduct and behaviour. This is completely unacceptable. You are supposed to be setting a good example for the children and represent our association and community with respect and class. Most all of these are recorded and will result in suspensions. When you act like this the person you hurt the most is your own child. Be the better person and address as an adult via the proper channels. I realize this represents a very small % of our membership, however it has become a significant issue as I am now dealing with several other associations on complaints. 

Let's not get to the point where spectators will not be allowed in our venues.

Let me be very clear, there will be zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior in any SMHA sanctioned events. If there is a concern or an issue please come to me, do not look to engage directly. There are channels and processes in place to deal with grievances. 

Let's all work together and set the best example we can for our children and other associations to follow. 

Robert Nurnber
Sackville Minor Hockey Association

Feb 19, 2024