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Gift card phishing scam | Executive Email Addresses being Spoofed

It has come to our attention that SMHA Executive email addresses and names are being spoofed in a Phishing Scam attempt.

This is not the first time that SMHA names or email addresses are spoofed to make it look as though the sender is really one of our Executive or Board Members. This is likely targetting Team Managers, team staff, and those Treasurers who are using an @FlyersHockey.ca team email address. 

How this looks: You may receive an email that may look like it comes from one of our Executive or Board of Directors, asking for some sort of favour. 

If you reply, the next email asks you to purchase a gift card on their behalf.  The one we saw today was requesting an Amazon gift card, but there have been others in the past. The message usually says they need the gift card immediately, that they are too busy to do it, and will pay you back as soon as possible.

These emails are not legitimate. They are being sent by malicious entities who are impersonating our named Executive and Board Members to gain trust and exploit people. These kinds of fraudulent emails, known as "phishing", attempt to gain your trust in order to access your personal and/or credit card information, or to get money (in the form of gift cards).

DO NOT click any links or reply to such messages, and delete these emails immediately.

If you believe you have received this type of phishing email, you can contact the person whose name appears in the email (not by replying) to find out if the request is valid.

SMHA Executives or Board Members will *never* email you to ask you to purchase a gift card, for your bank information, or credit card numbers via email.

Thank you,

SMHA Board of Directors

Nov 13, 2021