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Sackville U11AA Finalists !

Congrats to the Sackville Flyers U11AA team on thier silver medal win at the Allan Sullivan Memorial Tournament. It was a hard fought battle against the Pictou Crushers! Great job Flyers! #flyersproud      
Dec 7, 2021

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Sackville U11A Orange Takes Home Gold!

Congrats to our Sackville Flyers U11A team orange,  who won the Allan Sullivan Tournament on the weekend . Defeating  Pictou County 6-4 in the final. This capped off a 5-0 week-end for the team! #flyersproud  

Dec 6, 2021

N.S. suspends out-of-province travel for kids under 12 taking part in sport, art events

Hello Flyers,  Please see the following news release/ and Hockey Nova Scotia's statement regarding team travel out of province for "sports related" activites for kids aged 11 and younger.  We have enclosed the article as well as links to the new information. We will post more information as it develops. We know this may impact some of our teams, please reach out for futher help if needed regarding tournaments etc. Thank you for your continued support and patience as we navigate the ever changing COIVD-19 Protocols.   CLICK HERE FOR FULL GLOBAL NEWS ARTICLE CLICK HERE FOR NS TRAVEL INFORMATION Good afternoon everyone,  Earlier today, the province announced that effective immediately, there are new restrictions on out-of-province travel for children age 11 and younger for the purpose of participating in sports, arts, culture events. Children age 11 and younger are also restricted from entering Nova Scotia for these activities. Individuals, businesses and organizations in Nova Scotia cannot host sports games, competitions and tournaments that include children 11 and younger from outside the province as participants. They also cannot participate in these types of events outside Nova Scotia. These restrictions will remain in place until at least early January and will be re-evaluated then. Children can continue to travel to attend these types of events as spectators. They can continue to travel for regular practices, lessons and rehearsals, which is lower risk because they are interacting with the same group all the time. All other travel restrictions remain in place. They are detailed here. To read the complete release from the province, please click here. These measures are in place to ensure that we can continue to keep playing. Thank you all for your hard work and continued support. Sincerely, Amy WalshExecutive DirectorHockey Nova Scotia   Arnie FarrellPresidentHockey Nova Scotia Garreth MacDonaldCommunications & Special Events DirectorHockey Nova Scotia259 Commodore DriveDartmouth, NS, B3B 0M1902.454.9400hockeynovascotia.ca        

Dec 1, 2021

SMHA Updates: Dec 1st Deadline for Coach/Bench Staff Certifications | Addressing Inappropriate Conduct

Two updates tonight: Reminder of Firm Dec 1st Deadline for Coach/Bench Staff Certifications  Addressing Inappropriate Conduct ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reminder: Dec 1st Deadline for Coach/Bench Staff Certification Dec 1st Risk Management Deadline - Bench Staff with incomplete Coaching and/or Volunteer Certifications* on December 1st Will Be Removed from Rosters for the Season by Hockey Nova Scotia. *Exception: Coaching Clinics - If a Coaching Clinic is required, the coach must at least be registered in an upcoming coaching clinic by December 1st. The Coach will be unable to be on the ice or bench between Dec 1 and whenever the clinic is completed.  Risk Manager Craig Foley has been advised by Hockey NS that SMHA has a significant number of new Coaches are otherwise complete their certifications, but are missing registration in a "Coach 1 - Intro to Coach Clinic". The Intro to Coach Clinics are offered both In-Person and Virtually.   Hockey Canada - Find Your Clinic - Make sure you select Hockey Nova Scotia at the top. Two online/live options are listed below for this Intro to Coach clinic. Remember: Signing up for Dec 12 is better than nothing, but it also means you cannot be on the ice/bench until Dec 13th...   Coach 1 - Intro to Coach - 6:30-9:30pm - Dec 1st - ONLINE - Limit of 30 participants! Coach 1 - Intro to Coach - 6:30-9:30pm - Dec 12th - ONLINE - Limit of 30 participants! How do I check my own certifications to see what I'm missing? Link your Volunteer Profile to your HCR Account to view your Certifications. Need help? Linking an HCR Profile Step-by-Step with Screenshots The courses required for every role are laid out on the Hockey NS Coaching Requirements page and are also included in Linking an HCR Profile Step-by-Step with Screenshots. Other information about how exactly to sign up for Respect in Sport or MyBackCheck for Criminal Record Checks are located on Coaching & Volunteer Certifications (about halfway down). This week is extremely busy for RiskManagement@FlyersHockey.ca (Craig Foley) and Registration@FlyersHockey.ca (Helen Scammell) but we are here to help. Reach out with questions. Last thing anyone wants is for Bench Staff to be removed by HockeyNS.   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Addressing Inappropriate Conduct Hello SMH Families, Over the past couple of weeks there has been separate incidents where it has been alleged that players have used discriminatory and hurtful language toward other players. Though these incidents are being investigated, we wanted to take a moment to talk about this.   The use of discriminatory or hurtful language toward others and bullying or harrassing others is not okay in any circumstance. It is disappointing that these things still find a way into this great game of hockey but they do. The only way to truly rid our game of this, is for each one of us to commit to stand against it. The best way to do that is to educate ourselves, communicate with and support each other. Hockey is a game meant for everyone. Aside from healthy competition, good sportsmanship and just plain old fun, hockey teaches so many important life lessons. Everyone should have the opportunity to participate free of discrimination, bullying and harassment.   Coaches and Managers, we ask you to have these conversations with your teams.    SMH families, we encourage you to have these conversations at home with your kids.     In the links below, you will find some helpful information. Please take the time to read through the information and have the conversations.  Also you will find a link to Hockey Nova Scotia's reporting mechanism for issues with regards to discrimination, bullying and harrassment.    SMH Behavior Policy  SMH Social Media Policy  HNS Diversity & Inclusion Task Force Report & Recommendations  HNS On-Ice Bullying Policy  HNS Complaints & Investigations   We want to thank our teams and our officials for handling these issues appropriately, allowing the investigation process to take its course.    Together as an association, let's be supportive and respectful of each other, our officials, coaches, players, and our opponents.    Yours in hockey and community, SMH Executive & Board Members

Nov 26, 2021