The base registration fees for each Division for the 2021-22 season are listed below.

The U6 (Learn2Play) and U7 Divisions do not have any additional Team Fees. Divisions U9 and above do require additional Team Fees. The Team Fees vary from team to team, and cover additional costs as outlined in each team's budget. The base team budget is set by the SMHA Treasurer. Then, other team-specific expenses are added by each team's management (Head Coach, Manager, Treasurer, etc).

Fundraising is not mandatory. At the Association Level we have a very popular Flyers 50/50 fundraiser. Teams are also welcome to complete additional fundraising initiatives. Parents/Guardians are welcome to simply pay the Team Fees as well to their Team Treasurer. You are welcome to pay for Registration with carried-forward 50-50 Credits.

Competitive Tryout Fee 

If your player (Division U11 and older) is interested in playing on one of our AAA | AA | A | B Compettitive Teams, you must add on a $100 Competitive Tryout Fee during your Registration on HCR 3.0, and also answer the Questionnaire accordingly. You are welcome to pay for the Competitive Tryout Fee with carried-forward 50-50 Credits.  

SMHA Pre-Season Camp

The 2021-2022 SMHA Pre-Season Camp is for Divisions U9 and older, and is $125. It will take place in September 2021, more information posted on the Registration page. You are welcome to pay for the Pre-Season Camp with carried-forward 50-50 Credits.

Regular Season SMHA Fees

Division Price
Learn 2 Play (2017) $450
U7 (2016, 2015) $600
U9 (2014, 2013) $725
U11 (2012, 2011) $725
U13 (2010, 2009) $725
U15 (2008, 2007) $725
U18 (2006, 2005, 2004) $725